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tv   Newscenter 5 at Five  ABC  December 13, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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>> now on newscenter 5. been waiting for. late word on gronks returned to the field. how long the warm spell lasts. and rain and wind for the start of the work week. >> donald trump losing support in iowa" >> this is wcvb newscenter 5 at 5:00. every patriots fan has wanted to tonight. bob: initial reports are that gronk will see limited
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a return to practice on thursday. and yesterday the most revealing development -- he made the trip to houston. bronk -- week' he was missed. >> he is a great player. i always wished we would have these guys -- wit different guys are dealing with different things. it is part of football season. you have to be mentally tough to face. try to win the game. bob: even if gronk is limited, he can have a major impact. these are the league leaders that have the least amount of touches protest him. go ronk averages a touchdown every six time he touches the ball. heather: the search is on for what sparked the flames -- and southbridge.
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julie: the fire chief told me this fire could have been devastating. it has to do with another disaster. after the june 2011 tornado tore through the spot, the building was rebuilt with all new alarms. residence at the rosemead apartments woke up to a nightmare this morning. >> flame shooting up at the skies. i ran back through my apartment and i went upstairs and banged on all the doors yelling fires. julie: firefighters were called. all residents got out safely but firefighters needed help from several pounds to contain the fire. >> our staffing model is a very short amount of firefighters on duty. we had four firefighters that came up on the initial response. julie: he was driving to get his paper this morning when he saw the flames. he told newscenter 5, a firefighter is never fully retired. >> hardly anybody here -- we helped pull hose like we were
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never let it go. it' s something you do for your whole life. you don' t walk away. julie: one resident and a firefighter were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. many of these neighbors and firefighters lived through to june 2011 tornado in the same spot. >> there were families and kids and whatnot. everything turned out ok. julie: the residents of 15 units have been displaced but hotels have been found. a go fund me page has been set up for the family that lived in the home where the fire started. they did lose their cat in the fire. heather: 49 degrees outside. did you enjoy this mild weekend? >> left the house this morning and a teacher. heather: how often can you do that in mid-december? >> it' s hard to think it is mid-december the way these temperatures have been all weekend. yesterday we had a high of 60 degrees.
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right now temperatures are settling in the upper 40' s in most locations. 50 still in the vineyard and 51 on nantucket. over the next 12 hours in boston notice it is going to be cloudy, temps holding in the mid-40' s. those winds will be turning from the north and east to the east and finally the south and east for tomorrow. those winds are all associated with this backdoor cold front that backed in all day, also bring it with a cloud cover. mostly cloudy skies all day. that is going to stick around through the overnight and into first thing tomorrow morning. we are watching this batch of rain you can see from chicago all the way back down to texas. near houston. this whole system is sliding in our direction. as we head towards tomorrow, obviously rain is on our doorstep. there is a low chance of the morning but heavier chances tomorrow night. we will talk about how much rain you can expect where you live
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heather: police in taunton say drugs were involved in a crash that left a 71-year-old man dead. the suspect is waiting to face a judge. the family of the victim is talking to reid lamberty. reid: it' s business as usual in this christmas tree lot but it is anything but normal as the man who ran this for 45 years was killed while crossing the street. >> he left a doing his christmas trees. he died doing what you like but it was an awful way to go. reid: joe brady was run down his wife of 25 years. >> next thing i heard a boom. to see my husband there, i could not touch them. reid: he later died at the hospital. the man accused of hitting him, michael burns, who police say had just delivered a pizza was been charged with being on drugs
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>> they took a father, grandfather, a husband. reid: he owned a dealership in brockton it was inducted into the new england hall of fame for antique racers. a gentle man described his widow who does not mince words for the man accused in her husband' s death. >> i' m going to cure him -- curse him the rest of his lie fe. reid: for linda, there is only one joe. >> he' s the love of my life. but he' s gone. i got my family, thank god for that. the guy took him from me. reid: that guy will be an district court tomorrow for his arraignment. michael burns being held on $35,000 bail. bob: a desperate search for a missing northeastern student who has not been heard from in two weeks.
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out flyers and pleading for help on social media for hoping for any clues that might help track him down. frank holland has more. frank: each flyer is a symbol of hope for a mother worried about her only son. >> i do love him so much. frank: dennis was last seen on november 29. >> i want him home. i do not know where he is. today is the fourth team -- the 14th day. frank: the 21-year-old northeastern student was last home on the friday after thanksgiving. his older sister talking to him just as he returned to campus. >> i didn' t have any indication whatsoever that something was amiss. i am concerned because we are close. we used to talk almost every two days. through text or phone calls. i' m worried. i do not think he will run away. without telling me, but i don' t know. >> frank: family and friends
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around campus and at other places dennis spent his time. the family also set up this facebook page. they hope there is a logical explanation for his disappearance and he returns home safe and sound. >> we are here, we love him and we miss him. it is not like him. frank: family and friends say they will continue to hand out flyers and post them until they hear from dennis or find out what happened to him. northeastern police are handling the investigation and asking anyone with information to contact them. bob: the train operator who was supposed to be behind the controls of the runaway train faces a disciplinary hearing tomorrow. the red line train left the braintree station on thursday morning and rumble through four stations unmanned before trances workers -- transit worker stopped it by cutting power. 5 investigates the operator did
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those actions could cost him his job. heather: the philip chism murder trial will be handed to the jury this week at closing argument expected tomorrow. they were postponed last week because one of chism' s lawyers were sick. the defense line is that chism was insane when he killed the teacher colleen ritzer inside the school. prosecutors say he is faking mental illness. man charged with killing and shooting to people is charged -- with two counts of murder. they were killed thursday. police say a third person who was shot gave them the name before losing consciousness. it is believed the shooting was drug-related. bob: commitment 2016. a new poll shows donald trump losing ground in the presidential race. there is a new republican front writer in iowa. trump is wasting no time taking on the new -- reporter: donald trump is taking aim at his new rifle.
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trouble -- better judgment than ted. reporter: he appeared criticizing ted cruz. mr. trump: you can' t walk into the senate and scream and call people liars. and not be able to cajole and get along with people. he will never get anything done. that is the problem with ted. reporter: the comments, as the texas senator is trumping trump and i will. cruz up to 31% to trump' s 21% trump tweeted overnight, do not trust him more and register poll saying it is biased or the other big story inside the numbers, the fall of dr. ben carson. down to 13%. dr. carson: poll numbers go up and down. reporter: he doubled down on his threat to leave the republican party of party leaders try to manipulate the nomination process using what he called back room deals. dr. carson: if that is the case,
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reporter: hillary clinton is getting help from the president. tv' s president fitzgerald brent. >> by far the most qualified, the most experienced and has the right ideas. reporter: the actor from the hit abc' s show " scandal" campaigning for the front runner. bernie sanders, one of the few candidates on the trail today, making for stops and i will. but it will campaigning with just seven weeks until the caucuses and just two days until the next gop debate. heather: coming up, a sad milestone marked in paris this sunday. bob: how the city is coming together to commemorate one-month since the deadly attacks there. heather: the path of destruction left behind by tornadoes in texas.
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heather: today marks one months since the deadly paris terrorist attacks. mourners gathered at the concert hall were 89 people were killed. laying flowers and candles. many also came to the place de l a republique. that has become a remembrance spot. diplomats from around the globe attempt to help libya. john kerry and italy' s foreign
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in rome. leaders urging libya to stand a national -- to form a national unity government. libyan slid into chaos following the killing of moammar qaddafi. many of the two rival permits are set to sign an agreement wednesday. president obama is planning a series of offense all aimed at alleviating concerns over terrorism. the president will visit the pentagon and the national counterterrorism center. this is part of a push to further explain his strategy for stopping isis abroad and its sympathizers at home. bob: police shoot and kill a heavily armed man at a pennsylvania walmart. the gunman entered the store and started pointing his gun at customers. armed officers surrounded the building as they entered and fired at the man hitting him in the chest. shoppers were shaken up. >> i won' t even come here by myself. i always have my husband come
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i will never come here alone ever. bob: police are continue to investigate what the gun man' s motives was. no customers were injured. heather: a new look at the damaged from the tornado that touchdown in texas. no injuries or deaths reported after the twister hit last night. several businesses and homes were damaged in the town of willis north of houston. the tornado also toppled power lines. just what we did not want to hear. coming our way. bob: i heard you use the word sunday. danielle: late round night as -- heather: but nothing like the tornadic damaged. danielle: not severe weather but definitely a shot at heavy rain. we could really use that rain. you can see where it is. it is a huge area of low pressure, a strengthening storm right now over parts of the midwest. notice there is a lot of rain with this one. from the great lakes region all
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and there is a cold side to this as well. we are seeing snow back to kansas, the panhandle of oklahoma, as well as taxes. but we are going to be other warmer side. we are just talking about some rain here at one it arrives tomorrow. right now what we are talking about is some clouds out there. it has been cloudy all day. associated with that backdoor cold front. the clouds continue to hold steady as we head through the overnight hours. tomorrow morning, i think we are going to wake up to fog. and through the day, we are going to keep low-level clouds and fog around with drizzle. the study is rain comes in at night, after that ride home from work. that it could be heavy overnight with rumbles of thunder. we turn warm and breezy on tuesday. and then as those wins the start to turn to the north and west, cooler ari wil-- air wi ll eventually arrive. this weekend it has been mild. 53 the high temperature today. we are running about eight degrees above normal for the month of
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we are going to continue on that trend. we are on the way up tomorrow to 54. 58 on tuesday. we drop back into the 40' s on wednesday and thursday. but notice, we are still running above average. we should be around 42 degrees this time of year. and right now we are holding in the upper 40' s, low 50' s. tonight i think we are going to stay in the mid 40' s with clouds and maybe some patchy drizzle to start tomorrow morning. as well as some fog. tomorrow to the day, i think parts of the area like the merrimack valley may stay in the upper 40' s. for you folks, it is more of a chilly day with the chillier rain. mid 50' s in boston. a few upper 50' s down along southeastern mass. this is the best bet for hearing that thunder potentially tomorrow night. let me time everything for you. we start out tomorrow morning with clouds around and maybe some fog and drizzle. a couple more showers will pop up on the map as we get towards late morning into early afternoon. by 2:00, couple more showers on
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as we head towards 6:00, 7:00, here' s that heavier rain. the yellows and oranges in m western mass. at 9:00, boston, worcester, the cape, getting in on some of this. then it becomes more steady and heavy overnight. notice the concentration, though. south and east of boston. is where the heaviest rain will come. there is going to be a lot of wind with this one. it does clear off pretty quickly. by tuesday morning, we are starting to dry out. and we are going to be pretty mild behind this with a pretty gusty winds out of the southwest. the storm intact -- rain -- we are looking at half an inch. there could be some gusty winds especially by the coast line and a low chance of thunder and maybe some flooding concerns from this one, depending on when that rain comes in. we do need the rain. we are down over 10 inches for the year.
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year in worcester. the next seven days. we get warm on tuesday. watch what happens. the winds are very gusty out of the south and west. turning to the north and west. it could be gusting anywhere from 30 to 40 miles an hour. so that is going to bring in cooler air as we head towards midweek. highs in the mid 40' s. it is going to feel a lot different, especially with the breezy winds out of the north and west. then on thursday, we watch our next system bringing us rain through the afternoon it into the night and then some really cold air returns for next weekend. bob: boston could be making a change to his tobacco laws this week. the vote is set for thursday on a proposal to raise the age to buy tobacco products to 21. if it passes, the rule would go into effect next year. they are marty walsh is backing the proposal and says he hopes to scourging young people from taking up smoking. -- he hopes it discourages young people from taking up smoking.
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worcester next year will all get $50 towards their college education as part of a pilot program to encourage families to start 529 college city' s account. the state treasurer says she hopes the program called see m.a. will one day cover kids across the state. i wish they had that 20 years ago. a holiday decoration with potentially dangerous consequence.
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bob: there have beenbob: 900 incidents involving drones and airplanes over two years. 327 of the incidents were closing counting' -- close encounters to the less of the drones were spotted near the flight paths but were not in danger of a collision. a holiday decoration that should be fine may be dangerous for pilots. heather: you' ve seen her in your neighborhood. these laser light displays you can project onto your home. internet antonio has more on the risk. -- internet antonio has more on the risk. -- antoinette antonio has more. antoinette: on top of lifting spirits, the star shower lights raising concerns for pilots and planes overhead. >> there is a danger you could
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antoinette: an american airlines pilot approaching dallas reported seeing a laser for 13,000 feet above the ground, sparking a warning from the faa. the agency says it is investigating the incident but in the meantime telling decorators to use caution when setting up the colorful projectors. >> if the box is aimed high, some of the laser light will not hit the roof of the house. it will go off into space. antoinette: or into the cockpit glass months, coast guard pilot blasted by one of the laser light. >> you can see green light flooding the entire inside of the play. naoi - i awas very surprised that a commercial christmas light display has the power to maim an aircraft. antoinette: telegraph said in a
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shower should be pointed directly at your home and never directly into the sky. heather: boston cardinal sean o' malley getting some time alongside pope francis. bob: the important trip he has been asked to take part in. heather: they are new and safer. the chip cards are already in your wallet. the warning about the chances you could become a victim of fraud.
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heather: here are the stories happening now. it is the news that fans have been waiting to hear. rob gronkowski will pay for the pats tonight. gronk issued his knee and again two weeks ago. bob: a fire is now under investigation. the flames raced through the building early this morning. one person who lives there and a firefighter were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. heather: family and friends searching for a missing northeastern. they spent the day passing out flyers near campus hoping someone knows what happened to the missing 21-year-old from wooster. dennis was last seen november 29. bob: we are learning more about a rollover accident in new hampshire. heather: the victim was speeding away from police before the crash. eric williams was pronounced dead at the scene. this car
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afternoon along route 101 in exeter. williams had been driving dangerously. he led them on a chase hitting speeds over over 100. >> east o f exit 11, the operator made a sudden movement which caused him to lose control. subsequent restart the guard rail, rolled over several times. and the the i go came to rest. heather: police are continuing to investigate that crash. bob: a man from lawrence arriving at -- arrested for driving the wrong way on the highway in new hampshire. he was drunk when he was caught just after 6:00 this morning. they say he was traveling south in the northbound lanes on route 93. two other men from lawrence were in the car and taken into protective custody. in fairhaven, a car slammed into a gas station. along route 6. it is now shut down. so engineers can check the damage done to the gas pumps. heather: 49 degrees.
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bob: they are going to change on us? danielle: some rain, that is going to be moving in as we work our way through the day tomorrow. but temperaturewise still pretty mild. in the 40' s. we weren' t up to 53 after s high of 60 degrees. 47 in boston. 50 along the south shore in taunton, new bedford. as we go to the next 12 hours, here is what is going to happen. we will see those temperatures bob up -- pu bump up. pretty steady in the 40' s. this area in the merrimack valley is a little too cold. i with some clouds around and some fog developing overnight tonight into first thing tomorrow morning. we do have this backdoor cold front that moved its way through our air. that is what brought us all the clouds pretty much all day long. now we are watching this rain
5:27 pm
louisiana. headed in our direction. we are going to see the chance for rain go up. the complete timeline and the rain and the big temperature swings following. bob: commitment 2016. for president. the front runner in i will. -- in iowa. on the campaign trumpeted reporter: -- on the campaign. reporter: tec d cruz leaving the presidential field in iowa with 28% and donald trump in second place with 26%. on saturday, the des moines register released their own poll showing cruz ahead of trump. the sudden surge comes a week after the new york times released audio of cruz speaking
5:28 pm
question trump and ben carson' judgment to lead america. in a taped interview with cnn comments. mr. trump: i was against going into a wreck. it. i would say i would have far better judgment than ted. relationship now appears to be entering a new phase. mr. trump: he' s been so nice to me. i could say anything and he would say, i would agree. the time will come to an end. reporter: the two will face off in the next gop debate. heather: the pope spoke in favor of the environmental agreement. he urged world leaders to continue tackling global warming and warn them not to forget the most probable populations.
5:29 pm
-- the global pact yesterday that aims to fight climate gas pollution. the pope travels to mexico in a fewm months. joining him. it will include an open-air mass near the u.s. border. malley will join pope journey. he was among those who insisted the pope go to the border. a historic win for women and saudi arabia. for the first time in that country' s history, women were allowed to vote and run in national elections. 19 saudi women were elected to local municipal councils. the conservative capital of re-odd - - riyaad saw four elected. people in newtown getting ready to mark the third anniversary of the sandy hook attack inw hat
5:30 pm
activists will with a message for washington. heather: a paralympic, the target of burglars. who got away with her anncr: when the attacks come here... ...the person behind this desk will have to protect your family. will he be impulsive and reckless, like donald trump? will he have voted to dramatically weaken counter-terrorism surveillance, like ted cruz? will he have skipped crucial national security hearings and votes just to campaign, like marco rubio?
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heather: tomorrow marks three hook elementary. a gunman killed 20 students and six adults in newtown,
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this is the first year the school day. officials say there will be moments of silence in the middle and high schools but not for elementary student. town officials have not organized any public remember ances. boston will be unveiling a new billboard tomorrow on the sandy hook anniversary. house speaker robert deleo and the police commissioner will be at the reveal. the first billboard from the group stop handgun violence was along the mass turnpike near fenway. the new billboard will be across from the hynes convention center. it will highlight messages is s lead. bob: the search is on for a paralympic and skier. as newscenter 5' frank: so hard to win were among the items taken. frank: this is not the only
5:34 pm
thieves caught on surveillance cameras breaking into her los angeles home leaving little behind. >> into our kitchen. started eating ice cream out of the freezer and over the course of the evening dismantling tv, computer, christmas gifts. frank: 8 surveillance cameras in and outside the home giving police a clear picture of who the suspects are and the details of their crime. but it is what else was missing from this ransacked mess that ahu haunts victor. >> lots of speed across the finish line and stephanie victor takes the lead. frank: including the first step she took after losing both legs in an accident in 1995. >> i had been shooting from the moment i woke up in icu, three years in the hospital. 14 surgeries. all the doctors telling me you will never walk again.
5:35 pm
irreplaceable memories all stolen along with most of her olympic medals and rings. >> i may say gold medalist. that does not mean anything to anyone. but it means something to me. frank: police so far finding the couple' s missing cars but nothing else. police saying they are still searching for these men who in just a moment still what took decades of grueling work to earn. bob: the governor of iowa is about to make history. terry branstad will be entering the political record books tomorrow for longest-serving governor in american history. branstad has served 6 terms, 21 years in office, and tomorrow will be his 7642nd day. the governor will take the title from george clinton, the governor of new york in the late 1700' s.
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puckered up at six flags and georgia to break the world record for most kissing couples under the mistletoe at once. the couples had to hold hands and kiss for 10 seconds. the policeman parkhead a guinness world record plaque to commemorate the achievement. bob: that is a great record to be part of. heather: a lot of breath mints. bob: let' s try that around here. not you and me. heather: glad you clarified that. rain head our way for the start of the work we. danielle up next with your storm team forecast.
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heather: a new christmas bell is hanging downtown. a similar bell was part of the decorations for many years but was last seen in the 1970' s. an effort to replace the place of the past was led by hd media who built a new bell with the help of students. the bell was lit up for th first time last night. eit has a speaker that plays holiday music inside. bob: it is beginning to look a lot like christmas except for no snow and people walking around in shorts. heather: the strangest weather. danielle: pretty mild, that is for sure.
5:38 pm
snow -- no snow in all i can predict is some rain. in the morning hours, some more showers will develop but the heavier rain comes in monday after that evening from new. through the overnight hours. morning. of low pressure you see here. a lot of showers from chicago to st. louis, memphis, down to houston. we are all going to be on the warmer side of this one.t this warm front is going to approach our area bringing warmer air in as we hea d towards tomorrow and tuesday. right now we have been under the influence of the backdoor cold front. today, we are hanging onto clouds pretty much all day long. the other thing that' s held our temperature steady through the afternoon -- we have been in the 50' s. a mild night on tap, considering it is the middle of december. 47 right now in boston. 48 and plymouth. 50 in the vineyard.
5:39 pm
been so incredibly warm. running eight degrees above normal for this time of year. in terms of the next 12 hours, pretty much overnight. s. as those winds shift from the east to the south and east. through the day tomorrow, and tomorrow night, they are going to pick up out of the south and blow anywhere from 10-20 at night. during the day, they are lighter and temperature wise we' ll be in the mid 50' s in boston. but the merrimack valley is going to stay in the upper 40' s. so, it will be a chilly shower as it starts for you folks. down along the south shore, you' re going to get into the warm sector very quickly. you are going to warm up into the mid to upper 50' s through the day. the timing looks like this. tomorrow morning, i think we will have a lot of clouds around
5:40 pm
also a couple of showers that numerous around 2:00. nature. heavy rain holding off. this is 6:30 at night. it is really western mass. then finally worcester an d boston getting involved by 9:00. anytime after 7:00 is when that rain chance goes up. to the overnight hours, noticed some downpours on going to the cave and the islands, especially around midnight or so. there could be a couple of rumbles of thunder because we are going to be so warm with this one. and then we start to clear things out by tuesday. then the wind ticks up on the day on tuesday. the main threat with us -- we could see half an inch to an inch. gusty winds, especially for the cape and islands tomorrow. there could be a couple of hundreds of thunder -- couple
5:41 pm
in the next seven days, we turn breezy on tuesday but it is still warm. we will be warmest in the morning. then those winds start to shift to the north and west heard eventually, that is going to bring down some colder air. those wins a be gusting anywhere from 30-or two miles an hour pick it is going to be a windy one out there on tuesday. much cooler on wednesday. we should be around 42 degrees this time of year. another chance for some rain coming thursday into friday. then much cooler as we head towards next weekend. >> now sportscenter 5 with bob halloran. bob h.: 80 % of rob gronkowski as 20% of an average human male. there is no questioning gronk' s toughness. party on, pats fans. gronk' s playing tonight. the patriots could use them in certain passing situations and see how his knee reacts during the game. even if he' s usedd
5:42 pm
will join the -- draw the texan defenders. moving the ball and scoring s challenging. bob: yes, it is. but the challenge is the texans' under 10 points, including the saint. >> they have all the stats. it is a big challenge for us. we got to figure out a way to move the ball and take care of it. score points when we get opportunity. bob h.: the bills made a look easy, snapping the texans four-game winning streak i running for 200 yards. the patriots do not run the ball well. they would rather throw it quickly. to stay and rhythm. every offense i am sure would love that.
5:43 pm
and get it to the guys that can do usually when it is in my hand, there is nothing good having. >> we are trying to get the ball to play makers and trying to move the ball the best you can. of the game. that is why we play i t. we have a lot of good playmakers on this team. we are going to try to make as many plays as we can. bob: the jets continue to roll 30-8 over tennessee. new york is 8-5 and playing well person news that could change the outlook -- andrew steelers today. hand on the play. and emerge with a cast. the steelers took over and won the game. patriots fans can continue to cringe as cam newton and the panthers edge towards perspective -- towards
5:44 pm
they are now 13-0. boston globe' joins me. we will break down the patriots talk about the bruins and the celtics heating up this week. newscenter 5 tonight after at 11:00. heather: they are new, safer and the chip cards are already in your wallet.
5:45 pm
heather: instead of swiping, you are likely using the new chip card. they are safer but they are still things to know about fraud. >> you have swiped more times than you can count. but that is changing now as youd dip the chip. if you have one of the new cards, you know it has a small chip to prevent a fee from accessing your account. >> that chip creates a unique transaction code that gets sent to the issuer every time you use your card.
5:46 pm
conroy say it is more secure but others remind us scammers are already working to change that. >> a shiffer a new version of a skimmer. reporter: crooks can wedge into the new security slot. it can record the chip' s data similar to what skimmers did. a shimmer has been spotted in mexico. it is only time before they pop up here. another threat? lack of a pin number. receipt. chip cards took away the option of having a secure pin. your best defense at this busy shopping time? something so basic that only about 12% of us actually do. >> looking at your credit card statements. reporter: daily check of those statements will help ensure you do not become a victim in changing to the chip. not every store has chip readers
5:47 pm
that does come with liability. if you are forced to swiped and fraud is tied to that transaction, the store could be held responsible for the damages. heather: you have to remember to pull it out, too. a couple times i' ve used it and almost forget it. heather: bob: i have had it done for me by folks at the counter. i' ll be ready for that. more news to come. heather: ahead, the search for clues and southbridge where a fire destroyed an apartment building this morning. why the fire chief says a natural disaster years ago actually prevented this from being worse. bob: family and friends searching for a missing student from northeastern. how they are trying to find someone who may know where he is. heather: the outpouring of support for this miniature horse show.
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we'll give you all the premium movie channels for a year. plus, 400 dollars back. so go online or call now. get out of the past. get fios. heather: gronk is ready to play tonight. what we are learning about his
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danielle: rain and wind heading our way for the start of the workweek and how long these mild temperatures are going to stick around. >> they took him from me. bob: a family' s pain after a man is hit and killed by a driver who police say was high behind the wheel. >> from boston' s news leader, this is wcvb newscenter 5 at 6:00. heather: music to our ears. gronk is playing. the patriots tight and will play tonight in houston. good evening. when gronk went down two weeks ago it looks like it was going to be more significant time missed, but he will be active for the game tonight in houston. bob: he will be used on a limited basis. after suffering a bone bruise and a spring to his right knee. gronk stay down on the field and then was carted off. but gronk was back at practice on thursday and friday and made
5:51 pm
he will be in the mixonight.
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